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                    KENNY WHITE

After MAYBE TOMORROW was completed Kenny White began writing for numerous production companies. His work has seen worldwide release both on video and theatrically.

Kenny White's second directorial effort, THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE, is currently in Post-Production and is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2012.

Kenny lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with his wife Nicole and their five children. Kenny has lived in Indianapolis since the age of two, calling it home since leaving his native town of Danville, Kentucky. After the release of THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE, Kenny plans on starting up a new division of White Hair Productions on the Eastern coast Florida.

Kenny grew up with a love and respect for literature, horror films, and the art of comedy. He has developed a very strong visual style in his films, but his greatest passion is for the one element often overlooked by modern filmmakers, the most important piece of the puzzle; story.